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Design thinking is the process to achieve you desire goal in most efficient manner .

Design thinking is a solution for all the problems in the world. It takes human desires as a starting point to find the most logical and ingenious ways to reach the goal in least time. Design thinking encourages proper analysis in order to find the real pain points of a user, to fix it by solving the problem.

Design thinking is basically the design and creation of a new product or service. Many social scientists, business people, designers, engineers, and others use this process to achieve their goals. Design thinking helps us to identify problems, develop solutions to those problems with maximum satisfaction while keeping the resources well utilized.

Design thinking is a learning process which includes all people life problems, it’s not a specific pattern or formula. It begins with empathy and understanding (collecting data, research), then we analyze this data by brainstorming, then we simply our thoughts to take the form of good solution. We define a goal and how we can achieve it so that this method is used in software development and other industry fields.

Design thinking is a journey, where you can learn a lot of things as you move through it. The journey starts with understanding the problem that you want to solve and ends with your successful attempt to solve it. The earlier step ahead of you that understands the problem is the better, because then you will move in the right direction towards your goal of problem solving.

Existence of any goal obviously is to bring happiness to you and your loved ones. Thus, the success of any venture depends on how efficiently it converts resources into value. Based on the simple logic stated above, design thinking process is one type of solution process which is superior which helps individuals and organizations convert uncertain future into an endeavor that delivers desired value through differentiation.